Over the years and currently, the firm has been, from the standpoint of our local legal and business community, on the "cutting edge" of new technology. We were among the first to have the new state-of-the-art telephone systems installed and certainly close to, if not the first, in installing our local area computer network system. Today, our legal work billing office procedures, and just about everything else we do, is computer driven.

Indeed, that expertise, particularly with Bob Herberger, has involved writing and enforcing computer leasing programs, domain name disputes, doing patent and trademark research and making court filings via the Internet, and negotiating technology transfer deals, including patent and trademark licensing and assignments.

In short, we are not afraid to become involved in new technology in the office and in dealing with those problems in the market place. We have several clients who can be referred to as "high-tech" businesses and, consequently, we do get involved in more technical matters on a regular basis.

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