Personal Injury
McLaughlin and McNally has dealt with various types of personal injury matters, including slip and fall cases, animal bites, automobile accidents, serious injuries and trauma due to negligent security and injuries caused by defective products. We believe personal injury of any sort is a serious matter and should be dealt with as such.
Medical Malpractice
McLaughlin and McNally has had a variety of experience with medical malpractice matters, including illness and injury caused by medical negligence, loss of quality of care and recovery for injuries sustained by hospital and/or doctor error. We carefully explore each individual case in order to ensure that we are doing everything possible to represent the victim of medical negligence.
Wrongful Death
McLaughlin and McNally also has experience with wrongful death cases. These include deaths which are the result of medical malpractice, accidents, felonious activity and negligence. We also handle cases of death which are the result of asbestos exposure and black lung disease.
These matters are handled by Attorney McNally,
who is licensed in both Ohio and Pennsylvania.