Robert J. Herberger  ROBERT J. HERBERGER

Robert J. Herberger, the third partner in our Firm, concentrates and specializes in intellectual property matters and litigation. More specifically, he deals with patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, as well as environmental litigation.

Attorney Herberger graduated with honors in 1982 from Youngstown State University with his bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. He received his juris doctor degree with honors in 1989 from the University of Akron Law School. Prior to attending law school, he worked as a chemical engineer at Electrochemicals, Inc., in Youngstown, Ohio, and at Texas Instruments, Inc., in Austin, Texas.

Further, he has helped to organize the Youngstown/Warren Inventors Association, which was formed in 1994 to tap the area’s growing reservoir of creative talent. It is a not-for-profit organization designed to assist inventors in the development and marketing of their inventions. Click HERE for a link to their web site.

Robert Herberger currently resides in Canfield, Ohio with his wife, Beth, and their six children: Justin, Bobby, Kelcie, Katie, Callan and Jarrett.

Since joining the firm in 1990, Attorney Herberger has been involved in the procurement of numerous patents relating to a wide variety of inventions. The following are some of the patents he has been involved in procuring:

        (click on any patent for a more detailed description)

Also, he has litigated a number of cases concerning intellectual property. Among some of the cases are:
Directed Technologies, Inc., v. .comEnable, Inc., et al.
(Judge Economus, N.D. Ohio) Copyright
Laura J. Anzevino v. Pittsburgh Baseball, et al.
(Judge Economus, N.D. Ohio) Copyright
Nutrition 21 v. National Biochemicals Corporation
(Judge Polster, N.D. Ohio) Patent
Olympic Enterprises, Inc., v. Crown Brushes and Decal
(Judge Bell, N.D. Ohio) Copyright
John Zidian Company, Inc., v. V. La Rosa & Sons
(Judge Economus, N.D. Ohio) Trademark
Thomas Gesuale, et al. v. American Waste Services, Inc.
(Judge Block, E.D. New York) Patent
DNA Specialty, Inc., v. Ray A. Starr, Sr., et al.
(Judge Letts, C.D. California) Patent and Trademark
Norman E. Colson v. R.E. Whittaker Co.
(Judge Kyle, C.D. Minnesota, 3rd Division) Patent
Restorative Care of America v. Anatomical Concepts, Inc.
(Judge Matia, N.D. Ohio) Patent and Trademark
Robert J. Herschler v. Berlin Industries, Inc., and Pro Formula Laboratories
(Judge Whyte, N.D. California) Patent
Paul H. Adams v. Michael Leson and MLD Group, Inc.
(Judge Matia, N.D. Ohio) Copyright
V. La Rosa & Sons, Inc., v. John Zidian Co., Inc.
(U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) Trademark
James Reynolds, et al. v. Jimbo Publishing Co., et al.
(Judge Dowd, N.D. Ohio) Copyright
Electronic Reality Associates, L.P. v. Skiffy Reality Mortgages, Inc.
(Judge Stuard, Trumbull County Court) Trademark
Eric J. Fier, et al. v. Andrews Metal Products, et al.
(Judge Economus, N.D. Ohio) Patent

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