Business Law and Litigation at McLaughlin and McNally covers a wide variety of issues, industries and business settings. The Firm represents a broad range of business clients: from individual and sole proprietorships to partnerships, limited liability companies and closely held corporations. The Firm also has extensive background in non-profit corporations. For example, Attorney McLaughlin has served both as a board member or trustee, in a leadership position and as an attorney representing non-profit groups.
On a regular basis, the Firm is involved in forming new businesses, structuring financial relationships and preparing legal documents of all kinds. The Firm also counsels and advises both new and mature business organizations on business development and strategy.
While McLaughlin and McNally makes strong efforts to avoid costly litigation, there nevertheless may come a time when litigation is the only reasonable alternative, wherein we will be ready, willing and able to represent our clients' interest in the courtroom as well. The following are some of McLaughlin and McNally's specialized areas in business law and litigation, primarily handled by Attorney McLaughlin.

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Construction Law
Business Succession Planning
Estate Planning and Probate
Real Estate and Zoning Law
Trade Secrets/Non-Competes
Non-Profit Corporations