Advertising by lawyers has become wide-spread around the country. The Youngstown, Ohio area is no exception. Traditionally, we have kept our advertising to a minimum, usually by our "yellow page" inserts in the local telephone directory and by taking print advertising in programs which are generally more of a charitable contribution than effective advertising.

It is our experience that the most valuable and effective advertising for a law firm comes from a satisfied client. There is nothing like "word of mouth" advertising. It doesn't cost money and only requires that each of us do the very best possible job we can do for our client. Our real reward is when a client can tell a friend, family member or neighbor that one of our lawyers did a good job and recommended us to them.

We have often been asked by new lawyers, "How do you attract new clients? How does a new lawyer get business?" We learned early on, from a mentor now long gone, that the best way of attracting legal business is to do the best possible job you can for the client whose problem you are currently working on. Do that job right and you won't have to worry about getting future business or new business. That is our advertising policy.


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